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An easy to install fireplace door kit, only $359

Fireplace Door Kits

Easy to install, saving you money
A fireplace door kit makes the installation of a new fireplace door set as easy as possible. By including the pieces you need to install your fireplace doors, you avoide the hassle of having to locate the right size nuts and bolts at Home Depot or Lowe's. Kits are often very affordable and will include the fireplace doors themselves in addition to fireplace tracks when needed.

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The first step in selecting your fireplace door kit is determining whether or not your fireplace has existing metal tracks attached to the top and bottom of the hearth opening. If you have tracks already installed you will want to consider a fireplace door replacement kit that will only include the doors, saving you the cost of a completely new set of tracks.

If your fireplace doesn't have tracks don't worry though, finding a door kit for your fireplace is just as easy. Look inside your fireplace for a sticker with a model and brand number. If you see a sticker this means that your fireplace is a factory made fireplace. A fireplace without a sticker typically means your fireplace was built by a brick or stone mason. In this case measure the opening dimensions of your fireplace and keep this handy when you are placing an order for your door kit.

Now that you've figured out your type of fireplace you can start looking at the different types of fireplace door kits. Brick-ANew is the largest retailer of fireplace door kits and has the widest range of sizes for your unique fireplace.

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